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David Leggett

Long-time friend

Robin and Brian are two of the kindest, most gentle and giving souls. Their desire to be parents is an achievable dream for them and something they talk of often with their closest friends and family. They are intelligent, artistic, loving people that care for their home and pets. They participate in social activities as volunteers in the Dallas community and give their all to anything they set their minds to accomplish. I can only imagine the incredible mother and father they will make for a beautiful soul.

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Leanne Robinson-Maine


I have known Robin for 20 years; we first became friends in graduate school. Yes, it's easy to tell when you first meet Robin that she is dynamic, energetic, charismatic, and a natural born leader. But under the surface is also a kindhearted, sensitive, thoughtful person who is a wonderful listener and friend. As a mother, I know she will bring creativity to every project, ensure her child has supports and works hard, and will always make time for what is most important - love. She and Brian complement one another beautifully; he brings a steady, practical, contemplative approach to life, and Robin is always ready to jump in and get started! I know the two of them will give every bit of themselves to their children- how lucky is the child who will come into their home and community. Their families are also wonderfully supportive. I have two children of my own (9 and 7) and I will be here to support Robin as a mother every step of the way. I believe in my heart that choosing Robin and Brian as parents for your child will be the most wonderful gift you can give him/her. Put your mind at peace, knowing you have selected the most loving, faithful, energetic parents for your child.

Leanne Robinson-Maine Endorsed Creative, Love animals, Hardworking and Dependable, Passion for Arts, Love to travel, Value Education, Love to entertain, Family oriented, Funny

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